In my taxidermy work, death is my biggest inspiration. When I find bones, I am sad that the life has ended and what is left of them, and that inspires me to make it beautiful.

As far as my paintings and other work, boredom and routine of life causes my brain to become restless, and I feel a strong desire to keep my hands busy, otherwise I might go mad.

Dark Artist Exhibitions

A Perfect Girl
Team RoMel Studio
April 22, 2022

Wet Area Only/ Moisture & The Feminine Identity
Shakespeare Street Studio
November 20, 2021

MaryAnn Darlin- Multimedia Artist

MaryAnn Darlin has been creating paintings & sculpture as well as designing craft jewellery and accessories from her home studio in Houston, Texas for more than twenty years. Darlin Accessories, her line of handmade jewellery and accessories can be found online, in local boutiques and trade shows.